Zattoo, the multi-screen application.

Live television

  • more than 40 channels available
  • programme guide
  • available and accessible on your computer, mobile and tablet at home, in WiFi

A subscription for all your screens

  • €2.99 /month to access more than 40 TV channels in your basic package, live
  • straightforward and efficient, you can even watch 3 different programmes at the same time!

How to connect ?

  • first subscribe to the zattoo service in the "Create / manage your Zattoo account" section on this page
  • go to to watch tv on your PC
  • download the Zattoo app in the Appstore for your tablet pc or mobile phone.

Zattoo from abroad

Zattoo also works outside Luxembourg! When on holiday, don't forget your Zattoo access codes: the codes will give you free access to the respective Zattoo features in 6 other countries (France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the UK and Denmark), as long as you are on a wifi network (free access excluding wifi costs).

Here is an example of the channels available in each country:

  • France: FRANCE 2, FRANCE 3, FRANCE 4, FRANCE 5, Arte, Deutsche Welle, Bloomberg TV, Canal 24 horas, The Poker Channel, etc.
  • Germany: Das Erste, ZDF, Das Vierte, Bloomberg TV, Kika, CNN International, TVE Internacional, France 24, DMAX, etc.
  • Switzerland: Das Erste, ZDF, Pro7, BBC One, BBC Two, TF1, France 2, France 3, Sport1, etc.
  • Spain: Deutsche Welle, France 24, La 1, La 2, Telemadrid, Bloomberg TV, Canal 24 horas, RT Doc, The Poker Channel, etc. 
  • UK: Bloomberg TV, Deutsche Welle, Outdoor Sport Channel, Press TV, TV8 Mont-Blanc, France 24, Russia Today, Information TV, etc.
  • Denmark: Das Erste, ZDF, Sat1, Pro7, DR1, DR2, NRK1, France 24, The Poker Channel, etc.

Download Zattoo

Activate the coveted "stay-on-top" feature! To always run Zattoo on top of other windows, you simply need to complete the following steps:

  • Download. Download and install the Zattoo player at the bottom of this page.
  • Sign up. Create a Zattoo account on this page (you need one to start the player).
  • Test. To make sure that Zattoo works on your computer, we will ask you to try a test channel.
  • Watch. Open the player and choose a channel.

So… are you ready to watch some TV?

Available only for POST customers having subscribed to LuxDSL or LuxFibre and having subscribed to PostTV.


Create / manage your Zattoo account

Available channels